Concrete Contractor St Catharines

Concrete contractors in St. Catharines are best found in K.R.S. Concrete Construction. With many years of experience gained while serving customers in the St. Catharines area it doesn’t come as a surprise as why we are often selected as favorite when it comes to residential and commercial projects.

We are licensed and insured which means that compared to those so called Kijiji concrete contractors our services are a step above not only professionally but legally. For example we’ve completed many concrete driveways in St Catharines.

Concrete Contractor in St. Catharines

Often we receive repair calls because some unknowing customer decided to try to save money only to find that these individuals left them high and dry.  Our past customers have commented that they find a lot of peace in the fact that the 20+ years of experience we have also means we’re sticking around for the long run.  They’re right, as we are a top concrete contractor in St. Catharines.

Have a look for yourself at our past projects and see the results of our craft. Also, check out the reviews that they have provided so you can know what to expect when it comes to working with our highly skilled crew.


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