Concrete Patios

K.R.S. Concrete Construction have over 20 years of experience turning customers dream of having a beautiful patio into reality. Have a look at our 5 star reviews. We understand how invasive this process can be to your property and aim to minimize our foot print (literally) while we complete your project so you can quickly get to enjoying your new outdoor space.

Have a look at our pictures for past projects that we’ve completed as a concrete contractor to give you an idea the attention to detail and overall quality that we provide in our services.

Concrete Back Patios

We are insured and licensed, which provides all of our customers some stress relief as they know when deciding to use our services that we are professionals. We are not some Kijiji patio slab contractor with that you may think is giving you a deal until they are done a horrible job and you’re left calling us to repair what they did.

Turn your back yard into something memorable by either squaring it off like a previous job that we completed for a customer. If you are looking for that perfect symmetry where your grass looks like its a carpet then this is for you!

Call us and get a free quote no-obligation quote from us!
Concrete patios
concrete patio with retaining wall
back of home patio
concrete patio