Concrete services in St Catharines, Thorold, Welland, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Pelham, Fonthill and the surrounding area are best done by K.R.S. Concrete Construction.  With over 20+ years of dedication to all things concrete, it’s easy to understand why our projects turn out exactly as expected.  Take a look at our 5 star reviews We greatly appreciate feedback from customers just like you, as it’s only improved our customer experience along the way therefore passing along the benefits to each new customer we meet.  Let us show you how different we are from our competition.


Concrete St Catharines

Our concrete driveways are designed from beginning to end for handling the abuse of everyday traffic and heavy vehicles without cracking under  pressure. We use top quality materials for all our mixtures, paving, reinforcement, and stamps so that you can know for sure that your driveway will handle what it’s being used for.  Have a look yourself at the benefits of a concrete driveway.

Concrete driveways if done by skilled workers can quickly benefit a property owner and also extend the need for replacing.  By choosing KRS Concrete you’re not just getting the job done, you’re getting the job done right.

We create beautiful and clean looking concrete driveway borders that stand out to immediately increase your curb appeal. Concrete curbing is more durable than brick and comes in many different styles, colors, and textures.

For home owners looking to make the most out of their landscape, you will appreciate the clean and creative lines as they will add to the overall layout of your landscaping.

Our borders mold and bend to the unique shapes that best suit your landscaping ideas.

Through years we’ve been able to provide many concrete pads for various purposes.  Regardless if you are looking to place a shed on top, or simply create a space for a basketball net, we make sure that it’s a space that’s done right.

Each pad is designed to outlive the original intent of the space, which means that after the kids are off to college, you’ll be pleased to know that concrete still has many years left in it.

Within the St. Catharines area its easy to spot sidewalks that were not given the proper attention needed to ensure long term use. We quickly separate ourselves from those contractors with proper project management that ensures each pour lasting for years to come.

We use best practices to ensure that even the trickiest curves receive the attention to detail that they deserve. Consistency is key and that is what we love providing so that each customer can see from beginning to end that the walk ways keep a uniform look.

As stated above, these are just the popular services that we get requests for. We do any job that involves concrete!