Concrete Shed Pad

Concrete shed pads are the best way to ensure that your shed has a foundation that will last for years. K.R.S. Concrete Construction have poured many pads over our 20 years of experience as a concrete contractor. So you can rest assure that we know what we’re doing. Check our 5 star reviews yourself!

We have poured many shed pads all throughout the Niagara region for both residential and commercial uses. All pads that we pour are done with our 20 years of experience to help ensure that each job is done properly done as to minimize any potential issues with the surrounding environment.

Shed Pads

One of the added benefits to shed pads is that even after the shed is removed either due to upgrading, or simply reclaiming the space, the pad will remain allowing it to be re-purposed. Many of such pads that have been placed in to residential backyards often are used as patio space.

If you would like to know how much a shed pad cost you will be pleased to know that we provide a free quote. Simply just fill out the contact form above or below and we will provide a timely reply.


Concrete Shed Pad
shed pad
concrete shed pad form

Concrete Pads for Sheds

Concrete pads for sheds are the popular choice simply because they provide the best foundation for a shed. While there is other options, these options lack in comparison to a concrete shed pad as all concrete shed pads are meant to last a lifetime.

Shed pad cost generally depends on the square footage of the concrete pad itself but this isn’t the only factor. Many other factors may be present, such as where the pad needs to be placed and any difficulties that may be in the way and need to be taken into account. This is why it’s best to have your shed pad cost explained. We understand that everyone is on a budget and we like working within them, so your shed pad cost will always be factored into your budget.