Hot Tub Pad

Hot tub concrete pads or concrete pads for hot tubs are all the same with the same end goal of having a foundation for your hot tub to be placed on.

Have a look at the 5 star reviews that we have accumulated from past clients. We know what it means to be a concrete contractor.

Due to the size and weight of a hot tub many factors need to be considered prior to pouring the pad itself. With K.R.S. Concrete Construction you will be pleased to know that we have been involved in providing this service for over 20 years. You can rest assure that we know how weight specifications play into providing you a stress-less experience and get you back to enjoying your new outdoor space.

We are both licensed and insured, providing quality results for all of our customers. Have a look at our portfolio and see for yourself our attention to detail the the reviews that our customers have provided themselves.


Hot Tub Pad